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Posted Aug. 31, 2017
The new Alice is LIVE! Come explore Winghaven and the countryside.

Members of our spawn build team have worked tirelessly the last several weeks to be able to get what we have done. Spawn is still a work in progress and will continue to be worked on but the main portions are done and ready for people to use. Player shops and the University will be coming soon along with a little re-balancing. I would like to thank everyone that was on the spawn build and every one that will continue even after we launch to complete it. If you would like to help with the building of spawn please post to this thread.

I would also like to welcome our new server administrators who are available to help if there are problems, Magi and Sintara, who have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into helping make this work.

Our build team consisted of Aeronyx, Betterbuttons, Jontastic, JTHR, Kapitein Nederland, Magi, Maxo, Rasamlai, Samuraikizu, Sintara, and Uberifix. Our Modpack team consisted of Jfkxc, JTHR, Magi, Sintara, and Uberifix.

If you would like to contribute to the Patreon and help cover costs the link is here:

We have a running mod list supported by "Modlister" hosted here.

PS: Please increase the game memory to be at least 6 gigs of ram.
Posted April 29, 2017
Hey folks!

There's recently been a yuge backlog of applications since around February, which has now been reviewed.
We're sorry if you or a friend had an application pending for so long!

Also, stay tuned for Alice 1.10 Refresh in the possibly-near future! (SoonTM)

EDIT: The usual whitelist system is currently not in use on Alice.
If you wish to play on Alice, hop on Discord and ask a moderator
Vincent is unaffected by this.

Leiser (I'm back now, hopefully!)
Posted Feb. 27, 2017
So as all of you may know Sk has announce that he is no longer going to be paying for the server that is running the modded Minecraft parts. I have also announced that I would be the one paying for it ATM. That was a little hasty. The server will cost quite a bit of money, as in $79 / Month. Putting that into perspective I work 2 jobs(Totaling 40 hours) go to school full time and try to manage this server as best as I can; but I pay my own insurance, My current computer is on it's last life, I am still paying off my car and adding that server fee on would mean I would make almost nothing. I have been paying Sk $15 / month for the past year to help with server costs. I'm going to start a patreon to help mitigate that cost of the server, which will have BETTER specs than what it currently has. I am setting a goal of >$50 month I know that is a lot but to keep these serves running we need every ones help. I would Like to know what you would pledge if it was set up and if you would like to help in other ways. I just didn't want this to be the end of the modded Skcraft community.It is set up now
Posted Jan. 25, 2017
With Alice being released there are bound to be a few mods that people wanted that were not added pleas leave what mods you feel should be in the pack AND say why it should be added.
Posted Jan. 24, 2017
Alice 1.10 has been launched!
Posted Jan. 1, 2017
Happy 2017!

Ivan: We've adjusted chunk loading settings to keep chunks loaded better. This should alleviate the lock ups that Ivan has been having. We recommend putting chunk loaders around your base to prevent chunk load churn.
Posted Dec. 29, 2016
Hello this is not the normal post but I have some software from humble bundle that I will not use or don't plan on using here these will be on a first come first server basis.
  • Access your 1Password Families 1 year subscription page
  • Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard
  • Clickteam Fusion HTML5 Exporter
  • Lexaloffle Account Activation (PICO-8)
  • Lexaloffle Account Activation (Voxatron)
  • Marmoset Hexels 2.5
  • Beyond Eyes
  • Kathy Rain
  • Pirate Pop Plus
  • Rebel Galaxy
  • Styx: Master of Shadows
  • Concrete Jungle
  • Environmental Station Alpha
  • Necromonads
  • Oniken
  • Plantera
  • Quadle
  • room13 (Early Access)
  • Tick Tock Isle
  • Armoured Warfare E3 Pack
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online: Exclusive E3 Digital Ticket Bundle
  • Grey Goo Definitive Edition
  • GUNS UP! Starter Pack + TV Head
  • Monster Hunter Generations Demo
  • Mountain
  • Neverwinter Adventurer's Helper Pack + Exclusive Lord of the Labyrinth Title
  • Pathfinder Adventures - 40 Chests
  • Psychonauts
  • Super Senso Beta Access + Starter Pack (w/ exclusive Glen the Gargoyle Senso)
  • War Thunder M5 Stuart Tank + P36 Aircraft + Exclusive Twitch + Humble Bundle Decals
  • WildStar E3 Pack
  • Divekick

Posted Dec. 13, 2016
  • Fixed some players having blank teleportation icons.
  • Fixed creepers taking out armor stands and some other items.
Posted Nov. 26, 2016
Vincent has been updated to 1.11. The client in the launcher was also updated to 1.11.
  • Enderpouches do not work yet. You'll just lose the eye.
  • There is currently no other known broken feature -yet- but I'm sure we'll find some.
  • The client in the launcher has Forge but no shaders or other quality of life mods yet, but this should change soon.

New in 1.11:
  • Something called 'maxEntityCramming' to prevent cramming too many entities (mobs, players, etc.) into one spot.
  • Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing enchantments. Also, cursed armor, tools, and books.
  • Two new "Illagers," a new form of villagers: Evokers or Vindicators. Evokers are a mini-boss. They are both unfriendly.
  • Something called a Vex that is summoned by Evokers.
  • Llamas in Extreme Hills.
  • New Observer block that acts as a BUD (block update detector).
  • New Shulker Box that acts a chest that keeps its contents when it is broken.
  • New Return portals in The End.
  • New Woodland Mansions generated in Roofed Forest biomes.
  • New Shukler Shell and Totem of Undying items.

We plan a reset of The End and the mining world.
Posted Nov. 26, 2016
Alice is currently down for a server move.

However, we also need to make space for a new modpack and server. Is anyone still playing Ivan? Please tell us.