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Posted Sept. 4, 2015
Alice has been shutdown to prepare for the upcoming world, while Vincent has been shutdown because it is currently incompatible with the new backend.
Posted April 19, 2015
Well, Vincent is back again but I'm pretty sure the crashing is due to a specific someone logging on, but I'm not sure who yet. It's probably a bugged area.

Right now, Vincent is up, but if you are unable to connect after you see this, please post to this thread immediately.
Posted April 10, 2015
Vincent has been restarted.

I've been extremely busy recently so I haven't been able to be around. It's also been probably a month at least since I've looked at new member applications.
Posted March 19, 2015
Vincent and Alice are back.
Posted March 19, 2015
Vincent and Alice are temporarily offline for some unscheduled maintenance. They should hopefully be back within 15 minutes to 3 hours.
Posted Feb. 25, 2015

[LEFT]Get a license card at the licensing office at spawn to increase the yield on your TNT! This can be useful to speed up digging when building.[/LEFT]
Posted Feb. 8, 2015
Creating flying is back! ...but now on Vincent. Rather than the IC2 fuel jetpack, any pair of boots will work.

To activate creative flying, you must build a beacon made of pure diamond. Only one level is needed, but more levels will give you a larger radius of effect for the flying.

Sneak and right click the beacon to activate flying mode. Double tap your jump key to fly.

Your boots will degrade over time while you are suspended in the air. Iron and chainmail boots should last for approximately an hour (real life time), but leather and diamond boots will last for shorter and longer durations, respectively. You will be provided feather falling on the boots to reduce damage from falling should the effect wear off.
Posted Feb. 6, 2015
The east-west lime green Vincent rail has been extended to Bell Station by CrieNorec and I! It now connects both Aegis Station and Bell Station non-stop. After a stop at Aegis station, you can also transfer to the rail towards Edison Station, of which the length of the two lines is possibly ~8000 blocks.

Posted Feb. 5, 2015
You can now right click with an Eye of Ender or, if also crouched, with an Ender Chest in order to open your Ender Chest inventory.
Posted Feb. 3, 2015
Vincent's rail lines are now on Dynmap -- or at least most of the ones on overworld. Some are missing at the moment.