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Posted June 27, 2016
Follow us on Twitter at @SKCraftOfficial for the latest news.
Posted May 9, 2016
We've opened a new subreddit (/r/skcraft). Subscribe! (On PC, it's the button under the image on the right.)

You can also see archived posts from our old subreddit, /r/skminecraft.
Posted Nov. 21, 2015
Discord and in-game chat are now linked so you can talk between both easily.

Posted Oct. 24, 2015
We've made a Discord channel/server where you can chat with other members as well as staff members:

We'll still keep TeamSpeak.
Posted Sept. 16, 2015

As teamspeak users may have noticed the over the launch of the Alice server the slots have been nearing the cap (32). We now have a license for the server which allows a maximum of 512 slots along with this change we have also updated to the latest TeamSpeak server software to iron out bugs and vulnerabilities!
Posted May 18, 2015
If you play GTA V, join our crew!
Posted May 24, 2013
We're going to try using IRC! In the future, it may be linked with chat in the server, but there are some issues to take care of first.

Use this web client to connect, but we recommend using an IRC client.
  • Server:
  • Channel: #skcraft

Windows users can use HexChat (select EsperNet as the server, and enter a nickname). Note that this server hosts many channels and therefore your name may be taken. Mac OS X users can use Colloquy. There are also numerous IRC clients for Android and iOS.
Posted Dec. 11, 2012
Our TeamSpeak 3 server is back!
  • Address:
  • Password: eduardo

Download a client here:
Posted Aug. 7, 2012
The servers are presently back up and running.

To keep up on any other issues, you can also follow us:
Posted June 15, 2012
We're switching to TeamSpeak from Mumble.
  1. Get the free TeamSpeak client.
  2. Connect to and use the password "babies"