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Posted Feb. 17, 2014
Hello everyone!

[warning]This post affects all players. Please read![/warning]

Unfortunately, the mod pack for the current version of Alice is poorly balanced compared to the previous releases, in that a large number of items have become considerably easy to obtain provided that you follow the right procedures. Now, this in effect means that you can rush through the game quickly, and as some of you have noticed, you can simply just get a lot of items for cheap now from others, without even playing the game.

With that in mind, a few weeks have passed and options are limited. Some have suggested that they may be interested in a restart of the world as they'd like to play from the beginning, without obtaining a lot of materials so easily. However, that would mean losing potentially a lot of work, so we'd like to avoid that as much as possible.

Much of the balancing issue has stemmed from bee-related additions, as certain mods were added to the modpack without the proper balancing that usually occurs in such a case.

Before we can do anything, we'd like to gauge the community's opinion on the matter, and entertain any dissent or suggestions. Please make a reply to this thread and post your feelings on the subject.

If we do end up restarting, we plan on adding new mods and adjusting the ones available:
  1. Tinker's Construct might make a return.
  2. Dimensional Doors may be added.
  3. Biomes o' Plenty may replace ExtraBiomesXL.
  4. GregTech/IC2 may be made easier in certain ways (i.e. less annoying cables).
  5. ... we're open to many other ideas
Posted Feb. 15, 2014
Arpent Hotfix 6 has been deployed.
  • Remove Translocators
  • Remove Ender IO
  • Update recipe configureation
  • Adjust Gendustry power usage
Posted Feb. 15, 2014
Remember Ender IO will be completely removed in an update tomorrow, February 15, 2014. The exact time for the update is still to be determined.

If you have not visited spawn to exchange conduits and materials, they will be lost forever. Moderators will not give refunds for materials lost once Ender IO is removed.
Posted Feb. 13, 2014
The bank has been reopened. To ensure credit security we are transitioning to gregtech stamped credits. Two temporary trade-o-mats have been placed in front of the Bank to convert copper and iron credits. They will be available until the 17th, so convert your credits as soon as possible.

From Glitch80 - Bazaar Founder
Posted Feb. 13, 2014
There is a client update required to play on the Alice server.
  • Minor changes to configuration files
  • Removed Translocators

Sorry for further inconvenience, Arpent hasn't been the best experience for us all!
Posted Feb. 12, 2014
A client update is required for Alice.
  • Updated Minefactory Reloaded to 2.7.5-385b

This hotfix is purely to resolve the issue we have been experiencing with harvesters!

Sorry for the Inconvenience, have fun and enjoy!
Posted Feb. 12, 2014
All trading using currency/credits in the bazaar has been temporarily suspended, and the bank is temporarily closed.

Moderators, the Mod Pack Team, and Bazaar Staff have discovered a substantial issue with currency. An audit of the credit system has revealed that there is a significant difference between the number of quartz in the bank and the number of credits in circulation. As a result, we have elected to freeze the credit system, and lock all shops/trade-o-mats utilizing credits/currency as part of the trades.

Use of currency in private trades (player to player) outside of the bazaar is NOT affected by this freeze, however it is discouraged at this time.

The most important thing I can stress right now is DO NOT PANIC. The value of your credits is safe. We are working to resolve the issue and will continue to keep you updated as our investigation in to this issue continues.
Posted Feb. 10, 2014
MFR Harvesters are currently disabled (as in they do nothing) because they are causing the server to freeze up. We plan to look into this ASAP.
Posted Feb. 9, 2014
Alright everyone, I want to apologize for the issues we've been experiencing tonight... Obviously some things did not go right with the update, and we're working to resolve those issues. I believe that most major issues should be addressed with this update. This is a required client update.
  • Revert buffs to MFR Laser Drill until further testing can be done

The MPT will be implementing some changes to ensure that all updates are properly and thoroughly tested so we do not have issues like this in the future. Unfortunately, cleaning up from Arpent may still mean another update or two as we finalize things and fix any other overlooked errors.

It's important to remember that developing the mod pack is a team effort, so no one single individual is to blame for tonight's issues. I assure you all that we will be going over tonight's events over the coming days to learn from our mistakes and to develop new policies and procedures for building, preparing, testing, and deploying updates.

On behalf of the entire Mod Pack Team and the SKCraft staff, sorry for all the issues tonight and thank you for playing on SKCraft.
Posted Feb. 9, 2014
Unfortunately, because the recent set of updates have created a number of problems, the server will be down until further notice. As soon as things are sorted out, the server will be started up and it will be announced here.