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Posted Dec. 13, 2016
  • Fixed some players having blank teleportation icons.
  • Fixed creepers taking out armor stands and some other items.
Posted Nov. 26, 2016
Vincent has been updated to 1.11. The client in the launcher was also updated to 1.11.
  • Enderpouches do not work yet. You'll just lose the eye.
  • There is currently no other known broken feature -yet- but I'm sure we'll find some.
  • The client in the launcher has Forge but no shaders or other quality of life mods yet, but this should change soon.

New in 1.11:
  • Something called 'maxEntityCramming' to prevent cramming too many entities (mobs, players, etc.) into one spot.
  • Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing enchantments. Also, cursed armor, tools, and books.
  • Two new "Illagers," a new form of villagers: Evokers or Vindicators. Evokers are a mini-boss. They are both unfriendly.
  • Something called a Vex that is summoned by Evokers.
  • Llamas in Extreme Hills.
  • New Observer block that acts as a BUD (block update detector).
  • New Shulker Box that acts a chest that keeps its contents when it is broken.
  • New Return portals in The End.
  • New Woodland Mansions generated in Roofed Forest biomes.
  • New Shukler Shell and Totem of Undying items.

We plan a reset of The End and the mining world.
Posted Aug. 20, 2016
  • Fixed support for beetroots on the combie harvester, planter, and bonemeal terraformer.
  • Applied some performance updates for CraftBook.

  • Added Ztones and Chiseltones.
Posted July 14, 2016
Two changes have been made to Vincent:
  • The duration of jet boots have been extended more than 3 times so you have to repair your boots less frequently.
  • You can now enchant furnaces with a book or with an enchanting table. Furnaces can be enchanted with Efficiency for increased smelt speed, Unbreaking for increased fuel duration, or Silk Touch to have the furnace retain its heat level when there is nothing in the input slot.
Posted July 9, 2016
PlayBlock has been updated for Vincent, which means that we can get the in-game theater working again.
Posted June 29, 2016
The modpack for Vincent 1.10 has been updated with Forge, LiteLoader, WorldEdit, WorldEdit CUI, and Just Enough Items. Use the SKCraft Launcher to download the latest version.

Just Enough Items can be used to view the recipes of items. Either press CTRL-O while on an inventory to show a list of clickable items on the right side, or hover over an item and press R to see its recipe.
Posted June 26, 2016
We had a small hiccup that caused the downtime of Ivan and Vincent for a little while, but we're happy to announce that everything is back online with no data loss.
Posted June 25, 2016
To assist those who are bouncing between a lot of different projects at once -- a problem the rail system falls short of solving -- we've added Stargates, a mod that lets you create portals on a global teleportation network, allowing you to teleport point-to-point. We've previously used this mod, but that was back in Minecraft Alpha.

Visit the wiki to learn how to create and use Stargates.
Posted June 15, 2016
Simple Stack is a tool to help you place stair blocks on Vincent. Rather than having to face the right way when placing stairs, the simple stack simply copies the orientation of the block that you click on instead.

Name a blaze rod "Simple Stack" to use it. See a video of it in action.
Posted June 14, 2016
We've added turrets to Vincent, but they are a little expensive. You'll need an Ender Crystal and a beacon, laid out vertically as follows:
  1. Ender Crystal
  2. Air or a block
  3. Beacon

You can see a video of the turret in action. Turrets attack hostile mobs, but they do not attack guardians, withers, dragons, Blazes, or Endermen.