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Posted Aug. 14, 2014
The new server has been having issues.

Alice and Vincent have been restarted.

However, Alice may be crashing due to DimensionalDoors, so we will have to look into this.

Alice 1.7 is on its way.
Posted Aug. 7, 2014
Sorry guys, looks like the server host is being a pain and as a result the minecraft servers are unavailable. I will let sk89q know as soon as he is awake!

yay i sorted it go me
Posted July 26, 2014

The Minecraft servers are back up

It appears that the system hosting the servers has been restarting abruptly periodically, causing the Minecraft servers to go down. We are looking into it.
Posted July 23, 2014

The servers have been moved!

Alice and Vincent should now be online again with their same old addresses. However, if the old addresses do not work for you, use and

The servers are now in North America whereas the servers were previously in Germany. If you're in Europe, you should still get around ~100ms ping to the server, and for a lot of other people, their ping should improve.

The ComputerCraft FTP server and IDE should also work, although it may take up to 24 hours for the FTP server's address to update for you.
Posted July 23, 2014
Our Minecraft servers are currently temporarily down as we migrate them to a different place. We will notify you here when the servers have returned.
Posted July 17, 2014
The ComputerCraft FTP server should be back. It went down due to the system upgrade that we performed last week and we forgot to bring it back.
Posted July 16, 2014
We plan on moving the MC server to a different data center within the next 1-3 weeks. The new server will probably be more powerful, but in in a fairly negligible way for Alice and Vincent.

The main difference will be that the server will now be located in (eastern) North America, whereas it is currently in Germany. Some people have had intermittent network connectivity problems with our current data center so those issues may be resolved.

As far as downtime goes, we plan on the server being down at most 5 minutes between server shut down on the old system and server startup on the new system. However, the address that you use to connect to the servers will likely point to the old IP address for some time due to caching done by your internet service provider, so it may take up 24 hours for the change to kick in. To work around that, we plan to issue new, temporary addresses for Vincent and Alice pointing to the new IP address.
Posted July 8, 2014
The server has been crashing lately again and unfortunately, it's been down for hours at a time. For now, we've brought the server back up but we will need to have it crash again to identify the cause -- sorry!
Posted July 4, 2014
We ran into some unfortunate (and currently partly unexplained) issues that required restoring the server from backup.

While we keep hourly, daily, monthly backups both on-site and off-site, something happened with the hourly backups in the past 24 hours where we couldn't restore from them anymore. Unfortunately, that meant that we had to roll back the server back (EDIT: only affects Alice) 12 hours. That said, the server was down for many hours before everything went nuts (due to a server crash), so at least that minimized the damage somewhat.

If you have lost items / builds, please contact a moderator and we can arrange for refunds (or "roll forwards" from alternate backups).

Both Vincent and Alice should be back up.
Posted July 4, 2014
Due to a crash that resulted in a massive rollback I've shutdown the server until the Code Monkeys are back from their coffee break.-