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Posted April 19, 2016
The Alice server is currently marked as temporarily unavailable but that's not quite true. It's up but it currently can't handle too many players, largely because of GregTech. The server is playable, however, and you can connect to it at For more information, see this posting.
Posted Feb. 21, 2016
The physical server we host our various servers and services on is having issues.

As a result, the site may be sporadically down, and most of the game servers we host (including Alice) will not be up until the issues are resolved. The Minecraft launcher will also fail to properly load.

Things will be back to "normal" shortly, try not to have panic attacks :)
Posted Feb. 19, 2016
The server is currently having some troubles due to a recent update.
It'll likely be up (barely), but there may be a lot of down time until things are fixed.

It'll likely be back to normal soon™.
Thank you for your patience.
Posted Dec. 21, 2015
Something bad happened to the quest book in Alice and everyone lost quest progression. A week old backup has been restored, but that means that there may be quests that you have already done that are no longer marked completed.

If you would like your quests marked completed, please post screenshots of the quest book and circle the quests that you need. Post your in-game Minecraft game too.
Posted Dec. 13, 2015
Immersive Engineering has been updated to 0.6.5.
Posted Dec. 11, 2015
AgriCraft has been updated to version 1.4.5 on Alice. A client update is mandatory.
Posted Dec. 9, 2015
Alice has been updated! A client update is mandatory.
  • Reset the mining world.
  • Added our own mod to reduce rain. Currently, a rainstorm should only last for a maximum of 3 minutes and only, at minimum, once every 30 minutes.
  • Updated MineTweaker to 3.0.10B.
  • Updated Immersive Engineering to 0.6.3.
  • Updated Immersive Integration to 0.6.5.
  • Updated RFTools to 4.13.
  • Updated OpenComputers to
  • Updated TaintedMagic to
  • Updated Botania to 242.
  • Updated BetterRecords to 1.2.0.
  • Removed StacksOnStacks.

NOTE: Because blocks were removed in this update (Botania, StacksOnStacks), the server will take 15-45 minutes to initially start.
Posted Dec. 6, 2015
The mining world is going to be reset December 9.
Posted Nov. 28, 2015
We are going to remove that mod that lets you place ingots and dusts on the ground. Please turn the stacks back into items into so that you don't lose valuables.

The mod will be removed a week from this announcement (December 5).
Posted Nov. 9, 2015
The mirrors are back! If you live in Eastern Europe or Eastern 'Murica, that's better ping for y'all!