SKCraft Community

About Us

We're a friendly and diverse group of people who enjoy playing games with others in a casual manner. Membership here is open — there are no special requirements. Our community primarily targets PC, but you are free to invite others to games on other platforms.

Our Goals

  • Foster a friendly and safe environment.
  • Create a place where you can unwind and play at any pace that you want.
  • Have helpful moderators that leave players in peace and know how to handle stressful situations.
  • Run both customized and vanilla servers without intrusive modifications that detract from the experience.
  • Build servers that are low-maintenance for us but offer plenty of activities for members, to ensure longevity of the community.

Our History

The community began several years ago, when a group of friends came together to run a server for a then-unknown game called Minecraft.

Where do I sign up?

For our Minecraft servers, you will have to fill out a short application, and you will receive a response in a few minutes to a few hours.