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Alice 1.4 Classic

Dragon Point Reloaded

Welcome to Dragon Point… again?

Get ready for a nostalgic trip down memory lane as Alice 1.4.7 is back.

With some new additions and some pesky bits removed along with a few of those sk89q creature comforts we all know and love from the later versions. Lots of fun was had in what is almost ten years ago now, so join us again for that nostalgia trip or if you’re new to the community come say hi!

This latest project has been an absolute labour of love by everyone in the modpack team and we’re proud to finally share it with you.

SKCraft presents Dragon Point Reloaded!


Location: Nebraska, US
Availability: 24/7
Server Specs: Intel Core i7 9700k - 64GB RAM - NVMe Storage


Wiki Downloads World Map


How to Play

  1. Apply for whitelist if you aren't part of it yet. (Or ask a friend to invite you if s/he is already whitelisted.)
  2. Download our custom launcher so it can download and install the necessary mods.
  3. Connect to the address above.