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There are no special requirements to apply, and we only ask of you to spend some effort on a few sentences.

  • Are PvP and theft allowed? No.
  • How long do you stay whitelisted? Normally forever.
  • What if I was banned here before? See the rules page for appeals.
  • Bringing friends and family: You can later use the in-game /invite command to whitelist your friends and family.

The response time varies between near-instant (assuming some delay with you confirming your email) and up to a day generally.

Paid Minecraft accounts only.

We collect this for statistical purposes, but we don't discriminate on age.

This needs to be a real email address. We'll only use your email address to tell you if you've been accepted and nothing more.

3-6 sentences. If English is not your first language, it's OK. We are not looking for that.