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Posted Nov. 30, 2013
The launcher has been updated to fix the login problem!

Get the new version here:
Posted Nov. 19, 2013
The update of the launcher is still in progress! It is needed if we want to update to later versions of Minecraft.

It currently will look like this, most likely:

But I said that about the last screenshot, so let's see!
Posted Oct. 23, 2013
I'm working on a new launcher for us (for MC 1.6+), and it will vaguely look like this:

Posted July 12, 2013
A client update is required for update #17. You need to also update your launcher.

Note: The first update on the new launcher has to re-download the entire mod pack, but any future updates will download only the new changes.
  • Added PowerConverters, which will add better way to convert EU or MJ and lots more!
  • Added the Barrels mod, which will serve as a new alternative to the disabled factorization barrels.
  • Disabled Factorization barrels, use the ones added by the Barrels mod (existing ones will still function)
  • Updated ThaumicBees.
  • Updated GraviSuite
  • Updated AdvancedSolarpanels, as well as enabled the easy AdvancedSolarpanel recipe.
  • Updated GregTech.
  • Removed GregsLighting
Posted June 9, 2013
I've updated the launcher again a bit more (well, about 8 hours ago at least). Download the newest version here:

I also added some texture packs. Someone requested Zan's Minimap but I couldn't find a 1.4 version.

Posted June 8, 2013
Help test a new launcher!
  • Alice will now update incrementally, so you don't have to download everything again during updates.
  • You can now choose things to install or to not install. Right now there's not many options, but that should change.
  • The console is now better and more useful.
  • There were also a number of changes in other places.

What needs to be tested: updating Alice and running it.


[center] [/center]

[center] [/center]
Posted Dec. 26, 2012
Remember that we are having movie night very soon (today).

In addition, the news display in the launcher has been made actually readable!

Posted Sept. 14, 2012
We have a new version of our launcher. The different configurations are now more obvious. In addition, there's a new Vincent entry that currently does nothing more than install vanilla 1.3.2.

Download here:

Posted April 16, 2012
Version 3.1.4 is available for the launcher:

It fixes the login and update issues.
Posted March 21, 2012
Yet another launcher version! This fixes the issue with the launcher getting stuck on "Logging in".