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Posted June 9, 2016
Vincent has been updated to Minecraft 1.10! The mining world was also reset so you can find all the new worldgen (bone structures, etc.)

Want to know what's new in MC 1.10?
Posted June 8, 2016
We will be updating Vincent to Minecraft 1.10 as soon as it becomes feasible (the server software updates and things stabilize). Any unexplored chunks will receive new world generation, and these new chunks will seamlessly blend in with existing terrain.

The mining world will be reset as well so that we have a full experience of the new changes made to the world generation.

For a list of changes and additions in Minecraft 1.10, see redstonehelper's Reddit post.
Posted June 7, 2016
Ivan has been updated again to fix a major bug.

  • CompactMachines has been removed. If anyone stored something important in one, send me a message on Discord and I'll see if it can be recovered. No promises.
  • Railcraft Personal Anchors have been enabled - they only load chunks when the owner is online and require ender pearls or nether stars for fuel.
  • Natural mob spawning has been disabled. There may be considerably less lag now.
  • Cursed Earth has been given a slightly early-game recipe. Mobs spawn on this, but not naturally in the dark.

To make up for the loss of CompactMachines, you may now make separate islands, chunkload them with personal anchors, and connect them with tesseracts/transcievers. Not all is lost!
Posted June 7, 2016
The servers will be under temporary server maintenance and offline as we finish a migration of the database and website.

Update 1: Vincent is back up.
Update 2: Ivan is back up. Update required.
Posted June 6, 2016
We've updated Ivan and added some mods!
  • Added CompactMachines - Got some automation that drops your FPS? Ugly machines? Stick it in one of these!
  • Added OpenGlasses for OpenComputers - AR glasses!
  • Added a recipe for rocky hives
  • Added recipes for tofu to the IC2 Compressor and Extractor - No more long lines of pressers!
Posted May 25, 2016
Hey, So just to give you all a heads-up we will be disabling the powered lantern from Immersive Engineering in the NEAR future. If you would like a refund of them let one of the Mods know.

Thank you,
Posted May 25, 2016
  • Added:Right clicking a sign with a URL on it will print that URL in chat so you can click on it.
  • Added: Gold blocks under tracks will change passing carts into high speed carts capable of moving at a significantly increased speed. Grey wool blocks, on the other hand, will change high speed carts back into normal speed carts.
  • Added: Gold blocks under signs adjacent to track will display the message on the sign as a title rather than in chat.
  • Added: Sneak right clicking an Enderpearl will now let you teleport to another player (after they accept your request).
  • Added: You can now stack [Shop] signs up to 3 blocks above a chest.
  • Changed: The MapPad homing function now acts instantly as a workaround for the freeze bugs.
  • Fixed: Shops now work with trapped chests.
Posted May 22, 2016
We've updated Ivan!

  • Updated Logistics Pipes - Should fix some crashing issues some people had.
  • Updated EnderCore - Fixes crashes when scanning wither-proof blocks.
Posted May 18, 2016
  • Restored fast walking path blocks. Gold blocks give you a small boost and diamond blocks give you a huge boost.
  • Fixed being unable to place blocks on bedrock and some other blocks.
  • Fixed protection signs so you can use wall signs on blocks again.
Posted May 13, 2016
  • Re-added ReDispense recipes.
  • Changed Glowstone trees to give a lot more Glowstone.
  • Fixed the message for adding a member to a party incorrectly saying that a manager was added.
  • Fixed the high occurrence of rain.
  • Fixed the "you have no permissions" errors.
  • Potentially fixed the MapPad not working sometimes.
  • Potentially fixed Enderpearls not working reliably.