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Posted Dec. 17, 2011
Don't forget to place/claim a chest under the tree at Summerhold spawn for a Christmas present!

Don't celebrate Christmas? Let's call it a holiday tree then.

Posted Dec. 12, 2011
I moved some forums around and made new ones.
Posted Dec. 11, 2011
  • Mob spawning may be fixed now.
  • Mobs now do not spawn if the light of the area is too high, as opposed to one spot. This means that cities should be safer.
  • Mobs no longer spawn on leaves.
  • You can now use beds and enchantment tables placed on the Nexus.
  • Trap doors can now be protected.
  • Snowballs no longer create ice at the bottom of a lake.
  • Torch-equipped arrows should now more reliably place torches.
  • Chest protection should now support players with 16-character names.
Posted Dec. 10, 2011
  • New players are now no longer auto-dewhitelisted after some time.
  • On death, you will always spawn at your bed’s spot even if your bed had been destroyed, as long as that spot is still safe.
  • Tossing an enderpearl to your feet now brings you back to your bed immediately (with the loss of some health).
  • Endermen now drop more pearls.
  • It is now possible to use a bed during the day in order to set your spawn point.
  • Fixed an internal error in ReIC that was breaking the IC system.
  • More dispensers stuff. Will document later.
Posted Dec. 9, 2011
Some old features are back:
  • Saplings now self-plant occasionally when dropped upon the ground.
  • Older members now get unlimited signs. I have not yet given anyone these benefits yet though.
  • Chests collect items dropped on top; however, this time, they only collect items dropped by players.
  • You can equip arrows with torches. Just put torches to the right of your bow in your inventory.
Posted Dec. 7, 2011
  • Various minor fixes added.
  • You can now craft burning furnaces from furnaces. This is merely for aesthetic reasons (electric fireplace!).
  • You can now cook sandstone to make sponge again. Thanks TexasGamer!
  • The whitelist acceptance expiration period has been extended so new members aren’t automatically dewhitelisted so quickly.
Posted Dec. 3, 2011
The wiki ( is now integrated, so if you are logged in here, you are logged in there. However, everyone was logged out.

Posted Dec. 1, 2011
Find the new forum here:
Posted Dec. 1, 2011
Currently survival is on 1.0 with both the old world (Welwyn) and the new world (Summerhold). You can switch between any at any time by visiting Nether or through the nexus world.

Creative is currently not yet up! I’m waiting for things to become more stable.
  • Fixed issue where a player’s XP would be all lost on death.
  • Fixed issue where a weapon’s enchantments were lost on death.
  • Fixed issue where a shop chest’s inventory could be shown only if you did not have access to the chest.
  • Fixed issue where ghasts were buggy.
  • Fixed issue where trap doors had glitchy collision boxes.
  • Shops can now sell potions properly. Don’t try selling enchanted weapons yet though. To figure out what a potion’s ID is, currently you can make a dummy shop sign and left click the sign while sneaking, revealing the data IDs.
  • Made one more blessing stone active. Modified some existing blessing stones to be more interesting.
  • Brewing stands can now be locked.
  • Members older than a week now get a few reserved slots. Moderators get some too.

Older changes never mentioned:
  • New players will now spawn with a few things so that they can explore around and not starve.
  • Fixed an issue where stairs broken would give you an “Internal server error”.
  • Fixed an issue where boats were not correctly configured sometimes.
  • Made it so that players who fell off the nexus world will return to spawn.
  • Fixed bookshelf duplication exploit.
  • Enabled and disabled death chests (currently they are buggy).
  • Changed nether to be split by portal gate style. Nether brick portals (ONLY on the nether side) will go to Welwyn.
  • Fixed issue where only new players could invite (logic was reversed).
  • Ladders now work like vines but they won’t grow. You can remove the block behind a ladder safely now.
  • Fixed issue where chunks were loaded incorrectly, causing a host of issues such as broken protection.
  • Fixed issue where Redstone could be used to open protected doors.