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Posted Dec. 11, 2011
  • Mob spawning may be fixed now.
  • Mobs now do not spawn if the light of the area is too high, as opposed to one spot. This means that cities should be safer.
  • Mobs no longer spawn on leaves.
  • You can now use beds and enchantment tables placed on the Nexus.
  • Trap doors can now be protected.
  • Snowballs no longer create ice at the bottom of a lake.
  • Torch-equipped arrows should now more reliably place torches.
  • Chest protection should now support players with 16-character names.
Posted Dec. 10, 2011
  • New players are now no longer auto-dewhitelisted after some time.
  • On death, you will always spawn at your bed’s spot even if your bed had been destroyed, as long as that spot is still safe.
  • Tossing an enderpearl to your feet now brings you back to your bed immediately (with the loss of some health).
  • Endermen now drop more pearls.
  • It is now possible to use a bed during the day in order to set your spawn point.
  • Fixed an internal error in ReIC that was breaking the IC system.
  • More dispensers stuff. Will document later.
Posted Dec. 9, 2011
Some old features are back:
  • Saplings now self-plant occasionally when dropped upon the ground.
  • Older members now get unlimited signs. I have not yet given anyone these benefits yet though.
  • Chests collect items dropped on top; however, this time, they only collect items dropped by players.
  • You can equip arrows with torches. Just put torches to the right of your bow in your inventory.
Posted Dec. 7, 2011
  • Various minor fixes added.
  • You can now craft burning furnaces from furnaces. This is merely for aesthetic reasons (electric fireplace!).
  • You can now cook sandstone to make sponge again. Thanks TexasGamer!
  • The whitelist acceptance expiration period has been extended so new members aren’t automatically dewhitelisted so quickly.