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Posted June 21, 2013
What happens when you autocraft :( (with AE).

Hopefully it's better on MC 1.5.

Also, I set this up the other day. Aren't they pretty? :D
Posted June 12, 2013
Recently, it has become apparent that the ticks per second of the server have reduced drastically. This is due to the lack of optimization within the Factorization mod. As much as we regret the High CPU usage that the routers are causing means that the crafting is going to be disabled and those still in existence shall have their operations slowed/stopped . As a result of this we expect to see the ticks per second to rise to almost double what it is currently running at so you get a much smoother, seamless time whilst on the server.

This is set to happen on 14th June 2013, so you that you have time to configure your current systems around this change.

Please feel free to voice your opinions/objections and possible solutions on the below in this thread.

Sorry for the Inconvenience.
Posted June 9, 2013
I know I've asked before (and didn't do much), but we're looking for people to help with the modpack. This just involves adding mods and modifying old ones as needed. We weren't able to add many people last time because we were limited to how many users could have access (we were using Bitbucket), but that's fixed now.

Post on this thread if you are interested!
Posted June 9, 2013
I've updated the launcher again a bit more (well, about 8 hours ago at least). Download the newest version here:

I also added some texture packs. Someone requested Zan's Minimap but I couldn't find a 1.4 version.

Posted June 8, 2013
Help test a new launcher!
  • Alice will now update incrementally, so you don't have to download everything again during updates.
  • You can now choose things to install or to not install. Right now there's not many options, but that should change.
  • The console is now better and more useful.
  • There were also a number of changes in other places.

What needs to be tested: updating Alice and running it.


[center] [/center]

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Posted June 3, 2013
The server did change last night, but while you still can connect using, it seems your waypoints cannot. To bring your waypoints to the new server, the new address is & to put your waypoints onto that address, enter the .skcraftalice folder, go down to the mods folder, go to rei_minimap folder, and switch the DIM_1 and DIM_0 which will have the server you normally connect to. Rename the address portion ONLY to[45444]. Make sure there is a period after the last bracket before DIM_0/1 or it will not work.
Posted June 2, 2013
The server is up and now located in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Please try logging into Alice now.

While the server has better hardware, Alice is still pretty resource intensive to run, so I can't guarantee magic and rainbows. Please report your experiences!

  • The New York mirror is currently pointing directly to the new server.
  • The main address is currently pointed directly to the new server.
Posted June 2, 2013
Sorry, I didn't know the server was down, no one was able to get it back up, and no one told me.

However, now that the server is down, and I was planning to move the server today (to a new better server), I'm just going to go ahead and do that.

Join us in IRC and TeamSpeak:
Posted May 29, 2013
We're currently in the process of building a new spawn for Minecraft 1.5. While I asked for builders in a previous thread, a lot of this is impromptu and we need to all be on at relatively the same time.

If you want to help build spawn, find sk89q in TeamSpeak when you see him and send him some screenshots. You can see the list of people in TeamSpeak without getting on on the SKCraft frontpage, on the right side, if you're logged in. You do not have to speak with a microphone, but it'd be helpful.

We're going for an Asian/Japanese style for spawn.
Posted May 26, 2013
For the last time, Alice is not being reset.