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Posted July 17, 2013
Server's back up
Posted July 15, 2013
A client update is not needed to play update #17b, but it is recommended.

Note: I feel I should say this one last time. With the new launcher, the update will be incremental. So you'll only be downloading 1 file, and it'll be finished very quickly. So you might be seeing more of these small (and quick) updates in the future.

It just enables some of the UUM recipes that I forgot when doing the last client update. But all others will stay disabled until 1.5 comes around. Sorry for the inconvenience :p
Posted July 12, 2013
So most of you should know by now that the update to Minecraft 1.5.2 is probably going to happen within then next few weeks. The mod pack team has been hard at work to get the update done. Some significant things are going to happen once the update is releasing. Here's a list of things that you might want to prepare for (even if the chunk marking thing ends up not happening after all).

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Posted July 12, 2013
A client update is not required for update #17a, but it is recommended.

Note: If you already updated to #17, updating to #17a will be incremental, so it should finish in less than a second.

Just a quick update to one of the GregTech configs since all the UUM recipes were overwritten and enabled.

And thanks to flutter for making me think I screwed up and the recipes were still enabled....I nearly had a heart attack.
Posted July 12, 2013
If you are having issues with your AE system after the latest update, i.e. receiving an internal server error, when you try to access it, please post your coordinates in the "Ask a moderator" thread.
Posted July 12, 2013
A client update is required for update #17. You need to also update your launcher.

Note: The first update on the new launcher has to re-download the entire mod pack, but any future updates will download only the new changes.
  • Added PowerConverters, which will add better way to convert EU or MJ and lots more!
  • Added the Barrels mod, which will serve as a new alternative to the disabled factorization barrels.
  • Disabled Factorization barrels, use the ones added by the Barrels mod (existing ones will still function)
  • Updated ThaumicBees.
  • Updated GraviSuite
  • Updated AdvancedSolarpanels, as well as enabled the easy AdvancedSolarpanel recipe.
  • Updated GregTech.
  • Removed GregsLighting
Posted July 10, 2013
As of late, there has been some issues regarding someone bringing the server TPS to it's knees with floodlights. While it was been a topic of discussion for a while (and some action was taken, but was uneventful), the mod GregsLighting (The mod that adds the floodlights) has continued to be an issue even into 1.5.

So with the update for factorization that allows us to add it back for Alice 1.5. We have decided to drop GregsLighting in favor of Factorizations own Wrath lamps. We apologize for this being so sudden, but we feel it was the right course of action.

This change will occur with the next 1.4 client update (which should be tomorrow if all goes according to plan), and will continue into 1.5. We will continue to watch it, but unless we see significant improvements, it will not be seen on Alice anytime in the near future.
Posted July 6, 2013
To whom it may concern.

The Coil Refund has been changed to use trade-o-mats. So to whoever has lost fusion coils due to bad tps, you should have been refunded.

If not, please message me and I will be sure you will be refunded.
Posted July 4, 2013
As some of you may know, the Coil Refund shop was opened a little while ago. And this will allow you to refund your Gregtech fusion coils for the full expensive recipe instead of what the recipe will become in 1.5 (much cheaper, but more lost materials). So you will be able to input the coils a get back a canvas bag with the following materials
  • 16 Titanium Ingots
  • 16 Chrome Ingots
  • 1 Gregtech Superconductor
  • 1 Iridium Neutron Reflector
  • 4 Advanced Machineblocks
  • 10 Redstone
  • 2 MV Transformers
  • 4 Refined Iron
  • 2 Electronic Circuits

I would also suggest not putting more then 16 coils in at a time if you have them, since it has a limit to how many it can do in a specific time frame.

The location is opposite the arcade just beside the building that houses spawn Nether Portal, you will know from the fusion coil inside the interior and also the exterior below.

Please remember: This will only be up for about a week give or take. So please refund while you can, there will be no refunds after the shop is closed and we have updated to 1.5
Posted July 4, 2013
The promised 1.5 update has taken a while, to put it lightly. We hope to put out some news about an update soon (we may even jump to 1.6 at this rate, but that depends how quickly mods get updated).