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July 14, 2016
Two changes have been made to Vincent: The duration of jet boots have been extended more than 3 times so ... (Continue...)
July 9, 2016
PlayBlock has been updated for Vincent, which means that we can get the in-game theater working again. (Continue...)
July 2, 2016
Hey folks! I'm hosting a quick raffle for a Steam (PC) copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Why? Because ... (Continue...)
July 2, 2016
We've fixed the error regarding Ivan about missing dependencies that comes up when you first install the modpack. This was ... (Continue...)
June 29, 2016
The modpack for Vincent 1.10 has been updated with Forge, LiteLoader, WorldEdit, WorldEdit CUI, and Just Enough Items. Use ... (Continue...)
June 27, 2016
Follow us on Twitter at @SKCraftOfficial for the latest news. (Continue...)
June 26, 2016
We had a small hiccup that caused the downtime of Ivan and Vincent for a little while, but we're happy ... (Continue...)
June 25, 2016
To assist those who are bouncing between a lot of different projects at once -- a problem the rail system falls ... (Continue...)
June 15, 2016
Simple Stack is a tool to help you place stair blocks on Vincent. Rather than having to face the right ... (Continue...)
June 14, 2016
We've added turrets to Vincent, but they are a little expensive. You'll need an Ender Crystal and a beacon, laid ... (Continue...)

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