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Big D@MN Wall Work in Progress

Project for Vincent 1.9

For no real reason whatsoever, we sought out to build a gigantic wall around our claimed homeland in the forest.

Currently it is 200 blocks lengthwise, 160 blocks across east to west, and 85 blocks tall - all made out of stone brick mined from beneath our modest underground home.

61,200 blocks of cooked brick, both dug and obtained from people on the server(Thanks Tea and other name I forget, sorry!)

956 stacks of stone brick, or almost 18 full double chests of stone brick.

There's a little more than that used in the build, but who's counting? :3 I'll be adding towers, drawgates, windows, and all sorts of neat stuff along with my beloved assosciate so I'll include photos as these things become relevant. <3

Personal/private project. No contributors accepted.



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