SKCraft Community

You've been accepted!

Thank you for applying. We hope to see you on our servers soon, and we've collected all the essential information about on this page.

First, the rules

  • Don't steal from others and don't destroy other people's property.
  • Be respectful to other users.
  • Don't be disruptive.
  • Refrain from excess vulgar language.
  • No nudity or sexually explicit content.
  • No cheating, X-raying, or hacking, but minimaps are acceptable.
  • You are responsible for how your Minecraft account is used.

Getting to know us

Our Discord chatroom is the place to talk to other members and to server staff. If you need help, this is the fastest place to get it usually.

No download is required for Discord, but there are apps for your mobile phone and for your computer.

Join Discord

Our TeamSpeak server is for voice chat. (We don't use Discord for that.)

To connect to TeamSpeak, download the free TeamSpeak program and connect to the address and use the password eduardo


Alice 1.4 Classic

Modded Minecraft with tech and magic

To join, download our launcher, then connect to this IP:

Vincent 1.20

Vincent is our vanilla-ish survival Minecraft server. Be sure to check out the wiki to learn about extra mods. The server resource pack is Conquest but you can use your own. Get our launcher if you want shaders to be installed for you.

Connect to this IP:


Ivan players don't get on very often, but everyone else does. We're pretty bad at staying in the right channel, so even if we're in "Vincent" or 5 of us are in some user's channel, we might actually be playing something completely different. Join and say hi anyway! Check the graph below to see when people are online in your timezone.

Connect to this IP:

The password is 'eduardo' (no quotation marks).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I invite friends or family?

Yes, just login to a server and use the /invite command. For example, to invite someone named "LeiserGeist," you would type /invite LeiserGeist

The invited player will have immediate access.

When are the servers most busy?

The servers are often most busy during the afternoons and evenings for Americans and Europeans. Please use the graphs shown above and on the website to see activity in the last 24 hours.

What's the age range of the server?

As of June 2016, based on our applicants that have played more than 20 hours in two weeks, the average age is 23, the minimum age is 13, the maximum age is 56.

What's the major difference between the servers?

Alice and Ivan contain major changes to gameplay and require our custom launcher to run a custom modded-version of Minecraft. System requirements are higher.

Vincent is a vanilla-ish server with minimal changes to core gameplay. There are, however, mods and plugins on the server. You can connect to Vincent with your normal Minecraft launcher.

Where can I build?

Pretty much anywhere that isn't near spawn. If you're playing on Vincent, you can also build at spawn but you need to fit the theme. Check if the server that you are playing on has a world map and use the rail system if there is one.

How can I see what other people are building?

If you're playing on Vincent, check out our projects website and filter by the latest Vincent version. You can also check the world map (see the servers listing above) and ride the rails. There are a number of projects on Vincent that accept help or builders, so ask around. You might need to play for a few days to get to know the server before you can get some traction.

As for our modded servers (Alice or Ivan), there aren't as many public projects except for some like public farms or something called "Open Base."

What's something that I should do immediately?

Create a bed and sleep in it. Doing so sets your spawn point if you die and also later allows you to teleport to it.

Can I claim my land so others can't change it?

Visit the wiki to learn more about what is available.

Can I teleport to other players or to spawn?

Yes, but the method varies a bit depending on the server that you play on. View the wiki for more information.

What do I do if I need help?

First, if you don't need a moderator, try asking everyone on the server. Often times there is someone with an answer. Otherwise, ask on Discord or the forums.

Can I use a minimap?

Yes you can.

When is the next world reset?

Our worlds generally last for at least a year. Vincent worlds last even longer, up to 2 years. We announce world resets well in advance, and we also stop taking new member applications prior to the reset so we don't have new players just starting out losing all their things.

What if I like the server except for one thing?

Speak to sk89q on Discord about your concerns and he'll see if he can alleviate them.

How do I get more involved in the community?

Chat on our Discord and join our TeamSpeak server. We also occasionally play team-based games like Left 4 Dead 2 in a casual but competitive way, open to anyone of any skill level.

How do I report an exploit or game breaking bug?

Message sk89q or another staff member privately on Discord or the forums. Do not announce the bug to others please.

How can I become a moderator?

You will need to have played on SKCraft for at least several months, and then you can send a message to sk89q to apply. We also occasionally ask members from the community when we are in need. Important traits in a moderator that we look for include critical thinking and ability to stay calm under intense situations.

Who builds spawn?

On Vincent, spawn is built by members. Occasionally we completely redo spawn from the ground up together.

On our modded servers, spawn is built by our spawn build team, which is a loose of collection of individuals who like to do those kind of things. If you want to join the build team, please speak to sk89q.

Who builds our modpacks?

Our Modpack Development Team handles modpack creation. We also sometimes use public packs and modify them to our needs. If you want to join the modpack team, please speak to sk89q.