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Ivan 1.7 No Longer Online

Modded PvE skyblock Minecraft

This server is no longer running. Check out our other servers!

Ivan is an expert Infinity Evolved-based modpack currently in BETA. Infinity Evolved is a modded skyblock modpack where you begin on a small 3x3 dirt island in sea of bleak emptiness and build an empire from a small collection of items left for you in a chest. Play alone or play with friends.

When you begin, you'll actually appear on a floating island that will lead to a red portal you can jump into to start your own island. To learn how to play, read this simple guide.

You must use our launcher because we've added some of our mods, but we've otherwise not changed the pack's progression or balance.

  • Spawn credits: CrieNorec, pigrocket, sk89q