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    We're happy to announce that Alice is now running Minecraft 1.1, in addition to new versions of IndustrialCraft2 and Forestry. Railcraft and Equivalent Exchange are now part of the pack, allowing you to build awesome rail networks and dabble in some Minecraft alchemy. However, Advanced Machines is no longer functional, and while your existing machines are still there, they do not work correctly. We will be providing recipes to convert your machines back to their IndustrialCraft2 equivalents, but we recommend switching to vanilla IC2 equivalents with overclockers for new machines. Also, please be aware that you may have to re-charge your tools and armor in order for them to continue working.

    Vincent and James are still temporarily offline, but we should have a complete copy of your work up to the point of server shutdown. We are still awaiting some servers to arrive that we have been hoping to move onto, but if it does not come later this week, Vincent will likely be brought online at a temporary location.

    Applications have been temporarily paused to handle the recent string of issues, but will resume shortly.
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    Yay, they'll be back soon and I can start on a project I wanted to do. Thank you.